Michael Morpurgo
The Mozart Question: A Performance With Music

Michael Morpurgo’s The Mozart Question tells the story of Paolo Levi, a world-famous performer who developed his passion for music as a young child with the help of his teacher, Benjamin. Alongside this story is that of his parents who were both musicians too – Jewish prisoners surviving by playing music in a concentration camp during the Second World War. Treated with utmost sensitivity for a family audience, The Mozart Question is a story of friendship and family, truth and secrets – interwoven by the power of culture and music.

Suitable for audiences from 8 years old, this unique performance of the story, narrated by Michael Morpurgo and directed by Simon Reade, is beautifully enhanced and embellished with extracts from music by Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and Vivaldi. Featuring Daniel Pioro on violin and string quartet The Storyteller’s Ensemble.

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